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The wide range of formats and platforms used in corporate learning needs to be carefully managed so that users can easily find all the information they need, but those responsible for learning also need information: Which formats and content are used? Where are there gaps? How can the content offered be optimised? xAPI provides data – and lays the groundwork for improvements.

Collect learning data

Write and save learning experiences

xAPI stands for Experience Application Programming Interface. This is an interface to application programming that makes it possible to write and read data gained from learning experiences, with uniform statements generated in a wide variety of learning resources and stored in the Learning Record Store.

xAPI statements always have the same form, no matter where they were generated: actor – verb – object (“I did this”). The actor is the person or group learning, verb describes the action and object is the learning object.

e.g.: “Norman Newbie finished the onboarding WBT.” “Barbara Boardmember completed the quiz.”



The statements generated are stored in the Learning Record Store (LRS), which they can be retrieved from. It collects data from all source systems and makes it available for systematic retrieval.



xAPI connects the relevant components of your corporate learning programme, paving the way to your learning ecosystem.

Learning Ecosystem



is universally applicable and can be used with all digital learning resources – under certain conditions, even analogue sources can be acquired. In addition, those responsible for learning can prepare, analyse and use the data obtained as a basis for further decisions.



(Shareable Content Object Reference Model) is currently the standard for sharing electronic learning content and transmission of learning data. The two disadvantages of SCORM in comparison to xAPI are the need for a connection to an LMS and limited reporting.

Optimising Corporate Learning

The benefit: better corporate learning

The more progress digitisation makes, the more important the processing of data and the extraction of information becomes. xAPI lets you see which content and formats are used and how. You can use this information to optimise the training you offer.

xAPI provides data to optimise your corporate learning and we help you with the concrete implementation.


  • Provide training in frequently requested topics differently/more comprehensively
  • Advertise important, but relatively seldom content more vigorously
  • Remove unused content from the selection
  • Define and track learning pathways
  • Making employee development transparent
  • Improve navigation within the courses on offer




When it comes to data, data protection is also always an issue, too, which is why the works council needs to be involved at an early stage when it comes to learning analytics.

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