Microsoft offers companies more than just Office applications. Cloud services, networked applications and new end-user devices enable your employees to work more efficiently – if they can understand and use the applications. Switching to Microsoft 365 represents a transformation of every workflow that needs to be carefully prepared.

Microsoft 365 in everyday work

Microsoft's product range is very diverse, but not every aspect is relevant to everyone. Most of your employees will encounter these three elements in their day-to-day work:

Windows 10

  • Operating system with cross-platform applications
  • Simplifies data sharing between different devices
  • Enables features such as voice control and touch operation

Office 365

  • Application package with Teams, OneDrive, Office applications, etc.
  • Cloud-based, data available on any device
  • Subscription service with regular updates


  • Different sizes of end-user devices
  • Designed for efficient use of Microsoft 365
  • Simplify collaboration and data sharing
Microsoft Partner

Dual partner status

With the gold status in the competence area "Application Development" and the silver status in the competence area "Cloud Platform" we are a doubly recognized Microsoft Partner.

  • Application Development: We support our customers in digital transformation and provide development solutions on a comprehensive and enterprise platform.
  • Cloud Platform: We support our customers in modernizing their infrastructure and migrating applications and data to the cloud.
Microsoft 365 as a change project

More than just a project

Establishing Microsoft 365 is a challenge – but one that you can manage yourself. You can consolidate the basics by deepening your employees’ knowledge of applications they are already familiar with, or gradually introduce new applications such as SharePoint, Teams and Planner. Or you think big and change all of your workflows with the holistic deployment of Office 365.

Office learning and performance solution

No matter how you go about it, Microsoft 365 isn’t an IT project, but a new working environment. Change takes time and a lot of persuasion. Guide your employees to the workplace of the future. Inspire them for the new working environment and show them the purpose and benefits.

Change Management


Inspire and change

Holistic support is the most important factor in the introduction of Microsoft 365. You convey meaning and arouse motivation with communication. You promote changing mindsets and working methods with change management. In addition, you enable your employees to use the new tools with qualification in line with needs.

Further information

Use case learning

Qualification with use cases

New ways of working need explanation – click training is not enough. Above all, the interaction between different applications needs to be illustrated. Use cases, i.e. concrete scenarios from everyday work, are ideal for this purpose. Real-world examples show changes in day-to-day work and establish new processes. We either develop use cases for your processes or you use our Office learning and performance solution.

Know How! Digital

Microsoft 365 = Digital Workplace?

Microsoft 365 means a comprehensive change in the way we work and is usually the first step towards the digital workplace. Therefore there is more to consider than technical requirements. On Know How! Digital consultants, project managers, product managers and board members describe how they experience the digital change and which solutions they consider to be successful.

Know How! Digital

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