Microsoft Office/Office 365

Learning and performance solution

Switching to a new version of Windows or Office is more than just an IT issue. A smooth technical rollout is nice, but if your employees aren't ready for the new system, there will still be productivity losses. The greater the change, the more support your employees will need.


Learning and performance solution

Learning and performance solution

Every company has different requirements for qualification projects, but your employees also have different needs. Our Office learning and performance solution can be adapted to suit your processes and target groups – and they are multilingual, of course.



All learning moments

Learning in the 5 Moments of Need: New learning, deepening knowledge, applying knowledge, solving problems, responding to changes

All devices

True responsive design: for use on all popular browsers and devices

All use cases

Don't click, but enable: use cases demonstrate the application of programs in everyday working life



Office e-learning subscription

The Windows and Office environment is constantly changing. You'll receive regular updates to your e-learning content as a subscription, automatically keeping you up to date.


The right format for everyone

Nugget learning

Nuggets are just right for day-to-day work. The little titbits of knowledge provide targeted information as a video nugget or illustrated step-by-step instructions. With the Nugget Finder your employees don't need to spend ages searching for answers: Select the application, enter the search term and find the information you are looking for.



Blended learning

Your employees have different learning strategies. Some need an introductory seminar, others prefer digital solutions while others only need selective training. A good Office training concept takes all target groups, needs and technical requirements into consideration. We provide support right through from the initial needs assessment to evaluation.



Change Management

Changes work best when they are explained well. Communicate the purpose and benefits of the new Office applications – tailored to suit each target group, for all locations and languages.

Change Management



Office learning programs for international use

Know How! AG has been setting new standards for years with its Web Based Training modules for Microsoft Office. We are the unrivalled market leader in this field – a fact we are proud of! Our success is based on a practical focus, user-friendliness and state-of-the-art technology. The training courses are available in several languages and can be used worldwide.


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