Introducing e-learning

through digital learning

In the age of information flood, it is important that the right information is found quickly and is available to your employees at short notice. Training sessions lasting days are rarely the best solution: They cost a lot of time and money, and what is learned is often forgotten in everyday work. Digital learning formats are more flexible and sustainable – and can be adapted optimally for every project.

Learning formats

Variety for individual needs

e-learning can mean a number of things. We advise you on the selection of the right format to suit your needs – depending on the subject, target group and technical requirements.


Web-Based Training (WBT)


  • Freely configurable learning program
  • Applications: Compliance training with certificate, onboarding, product training, etc.



Mobile Learning


  • Flexible learning on tablets or smartphones
  • Applications: Quiz app for apprentices, e-book for sales, product library for sales staff, etc.



Mobile Learning Apps




Social Learning


  • Learning from and with colleagues
  • Applications: Learning community, shared wiki, link list with useful videos, etc.



Performance Support


  • Support on the job
  • Applications: Office support on the PC, checklist on tablets in the production line, etc.

Performance Support





  • Extended reality learning with the Microsoft HoloLens
  • Applications: sales training, repair instructions, onboarding

Extended Reality



Other formats


  • Haven’t found the right thing for you? We’ll find the right format for your needs.

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Promote acceptance

It all depends on the use

Whether the introduction of e-learning is a success depends on the acceptance among your employees. The introduction of e-learning succeeds sustainably with our three-pronged approach of communication, change and qualification.

  • Communication
    Inform your employees at an early stage. Communicate the meaning and purpose of the new learning formats and increase motivation.
  • Change
    Change the learning processes used by your employees and managers. Learning should be integrated into the day-to-day processes as seamlessly as possible.
  • Qualification
    You can reach all of your employees and impart knowledge in an entertaining and sustainable way with target group-oriented learning formats.

Project support

Benefit from over 25 years of experience and constant innovation. We will support your e-learning project from the initial concept through to implementation.

Change Management


Content & LMS

Content for your project

Of course, your own topics need to be prepared individually, but you don't always have to start from scratch.


  • Selection from a wide range of standardised content
  • Adaptable: Your applications, your use cases
  • Suitable for different formats


  • Content is designed for your topic
  • Didactic preparation for your formats and target groups
  • Optical implementation according to your corporate design


  • Create your web-based training content yourself
  • Full control of content and preparation
  • e.g. using Content Designer


Learning Management System

Make it as easy as possible for your employees. With a Learning Management System (LMS) you have central access to all WBTs, can follow learning paths, take tests and download certificates.

In the back-end, those responsible for training can track learning achievements, manage groups and analyse the use of WBTs, allowing fine-tuning measures to be identified quickly to facilitate further improvement.


Course Manager

Easy-to-follow courses, simple operation, transparent back-end:<br/> Course Manager is the ideal LMS for beginners.

Learning Management System

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