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Imparting knowledge is one of the most important activities in a company, but it is also challenging: Qualification has to be sustainable, efficient and up-to-date, and of course it has to reach all employees and managers. Every detail is important – right from the planning stage – as well as good advice.

A new project, a new challenge

Every company is unique and the same is true for every new qualification measure, but the challenges facing sustainable knowledge transfer are the same nevertheless.

Whether you are dealing with new software or business skills, the content has to be right and closely related to the learner’s day-to-day work so that the information is perceived as relevant.


Conception and implementation are decisive for the success of an activity. Attractive learning formats are used voluntarily more frequently and make mandatory training more successful. Look at it from the target group’s point of view: which devices are used, how much time is available and which training methods are appropriate for the content and learners?


Employees are a company’s most important resource, but they are also an important cost driver, which is why the return on investment (ROI) is also important in qualification. Time and budget limits need to be adhered to and the investment has to demonstrably pay off.


Further training is not just a matter for HR. Depending on the project, various other departments may need to be involved from an early stage.

  • Department – content input
  • IT – technical implementation
  • Procurement/Finance – budget
  • Executive Board/Management – for strategic topics
  • Works council – e.g. regarding data protection
  • etc.


Drawing on experience, but keeping a firm eye on the future – Know How! AG has been assisting companies with small and large projects for over 25 years. With our combination of proven and innovative solutions, we are there to guide you from idea generation to project completion.

Partners on equal terms

Change Management

Suitable formats, successful enabling

Your company, your topic, your method mix. Sometimes it must be a classical training, for other projects Holo Learning offers itself in Extended Reality. Or the target group learns best with a quiz app or digital formats. There is a variety of methods that you can implement or combine individually.

A holistic approach has proven to be particularly sustainable. We use a triad of qualification, communication and change to convey knowledge and change working methods. Your employees should not only learn, they should also be motivated and support change.

Change Management


Measure, evaluate, optimise

Further training contributes significantly to the success of a company – but sometimes there is a lack of verifiable KPIs. Budgets and schedules can be easily tracked and WBT and training attendance can be monitored, but how successful were individual activities? And how can corporate learning be further improved?

Data from different sources is collected and correlated in a comprehensive evaluation. Detailed usage data (e.g. from xAPI), learner satisfaction, progress along defined learning paths and effects, e.g. on sales figures, IT tickets or downtimes in the equipment pool, provide a holistic picture and point out levers for improvement.

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