Digital Leader

No leader without follower

If, as in the case of digital transformation, the entire working method changes, your employees need role models. And who would be more suitable than managers? But they also have to learn a lot: the right mindset, new processes and how to inspire their teams.

New leadership

Not control, but lead

During digital transformation, managers are faced with new challenges and must take a different approach to leading (international) teams than before.

  • Being a coach: advising, providing support, accompanying processes
  • Error culture: promoting innovation, understanding failure as an opportunity
  • Orientation: Setting directions, communicating corporate goals
  • Free space: enabling mobile, flexible working
  • Trust: acting transparently, being credible
  • Learning: promoting personal development, admitting mistakes

In the digital world, only those people who have followers behind them have influence. That's why digital leaders are not commanders, but radiant personalities. They have visions and goals, inspire, enable innovation, give responsibility and encourage collaborative work.

New competencies

Leading myself, leading others,
leading business

If you want to lead your team well, you have to start with yourself. Only if managers have adapted themselves to the digital transformation can they effectively lead their team in the new working world and thus also make the company successful.

Leading myself


Digital self-management requires self-reflection. The team is motivated to imitate its own behaviour.


  • Being a role model for followers and employees
  • Openness towards people, ideas, feedback
  • Balance between work and leisure increases performance

Leading others


The demands placed on managers to date are transforming into digital leadership competencies.


  • Giving impulses and inspiration
  • Create networking
  • Professional competence for tools and methodical competence for media, agility, coaching
  • Social competence for leadership in agile, mobile, international teams

Leading business


Digital Business Leadership ensures the existence of a company in digitalization.


  • (Further) develop digital business models and create synergies
  • Design of the company for more flexibility in changing markets
  • Attracting and retaining digital talent
New Learning

New leadership, new values, new learning

You don't learn digital leadership in a two-day seminar with frontal teaching. Instead, your future digital leaders learn with us how they should work later.

  • Digital: Different formats allow learning from anywhere.
  • Mobile: Apps and responsive platforms provide access via different devices.
  • Social: Teams, communities and reverse mentoring promote exchange and networking.
  • Innovative: New ideas are encouraged, innovative formats are simply tried out.
  • Self-determined: There is no timetable, but independent learning.
  • Motivating: Those who enjoy learning also learn well. Variety of methods ensures variety.

There is not one ready-made way to become a Digital Leader - as well as if your company and your requirements are unique?


We first look at your needs and your goals. Then we create a concept that's tailored to your executives and gives them everything they need in their role as digital leaders.


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