Know How! AG offers customised solutions for a wide range of industries and topics, with your learners in the spotlight: managers, sales personnel and production workers need different content in different formats.

e-learning has been one of our core competencies for 25 years. Standard WBTs for Office, IBM Connections or Business Skills can be customised in terms of content. Customised e-learning is produced especially for you. Content, design and accompanying measures are adapted to suit your topic.

In addition to conventional WBTs, there are a variety of learning formats for a wide variety of target groups and learning situations in your company. Face-to-face training, manuals, Intranet portals, communities, floorwalkers and learning nuggets offer every learner the right content at the right time. Mobile learning makes learning fun and with performance support your employees can overcome the obstacles posed by their day-to-day work.

The transition to the Digital Workplace poses major challenges for companies and employees. With Know How! AG’s solutions you effectively communicate new ways of working – and the purpose behind them. The learning materials are just as mobile, networked and multilingual as your employees.



There are no “one-size-fits-all” solutions when it comes to qualification programmes, which is why we support you right from the outset on the path to optimising corporate learning. Whether you want to introduce e-learning, embrace digital change or combine all of the existing elements into a learning ecosystem – Know How! AG is happy to advise you, independently of tools and our own products.

We put together the right tools for your company on the basis of an extensive analysis of your requirements, taking your target groups as well as technical and cultural requirements in your (international) branches into account.

About us

We enable people

Your employees are your most important resource,
which is why every qualification depends on the right training courses

We enable people – that’s our motto.
Not only do we want to train your employees,
we also want to enable them to master their day-to-day challenges,
no matter whether it's Excel or the transition to the workplace of the future.

Markus Grunwald
Executive board
Martin Kundt
Executive board
Frieder Tempel
Executive board

for over 25 years

As an independent, owner-operated company, Know How! AG has been successfully developing new training concepts for over 25 years. Our greatest strengths are the cooperation of all participants as well as clear objectives and visionary thinking, which are exemplified by a strong management team.

Our values

For our strong team and our customers

Our corporate culture reflects the development of the company over the past 20 years and is constantly being developed through dialogue with our customers and our employees. It is based on mutual respect, fairness and trust.

  • We offer our customers high-quality learning software, practical seminars and a mixture of both methods (blended learning).
  • We secure the jobs of our customers by constantly developing our products in line with market requirements.
  • The continuous improvement of all of our processes is our daily objective.
  • The creativity and innovative capacity of our employees and customers are our capital.
  • Absolute satisfaction of our employees and customers is our top priority.


  • We create an atmosphere that allows you to work without anxiety.
  • We expect and encourage personal responsibility.
  • We consider people to be the company’s most valuable asset.
  • We expect and encourage open communication.
  • We lead with target agreements and monitor them.
  • We reflect on our actions and attitudes in order to continue to develop.


Know How! AG is based on values that define the identity of the company. These values serve as valuable guidelines for the conduct of all our employees:

  • Trust
  • Freedom
  • Fairness
  • Mutuality
  • Respect
  • Transparency
  • Social skills


Know How! International

Global qualification

Companies that operate internationally face particular challenges in providing qualifications for their employees, such as linguistic diversity, different learning cultures and the worldwide organisation of training measures. The Know How! Group is an experienced partner at your side for your international projects.

25 years of experience for your corporate learning

We enable people: With the right format to suit your individual needs and at just the right time. Know How! AG has been sharing knowledge for 25 years. This experience is combined with a keen eye for new developments in the world of learning and allows us to provide comprehensive advice and effective implementation for every qualification project.


Know How! AG

Magellan Str. 1
70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen

Tel. +49 711 78059-0
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Know How! AG

Provino Str. 52 - Building A5
86153 Augsburg

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Know How! AG

Max Stromeyer Str. 116
78467 Constance,

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Know How! Austria

Know How! Austria, formerly Webducation GmbH, is based in Vienna and is an experienced player on the Austrian e-learning market. Its core competence is the creation of high-quality and creative digital learning content such as video-based learning and 3D games and animation. Learning content management and social learning are other areas of expertise of Know How! Austria.




Know How! GmbH
Prater Str. 48/20

A-1020 Vienna, Austria

Tel. +43 12196322
Fax +43 1219632220


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