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“Digital” is more than just a trendy buzzword. It is the prerequisite for future corporate success – and the path to it. Incorporating mobile, collaborative, agile work with the corresponding mindset into the corporate culture is a major challenge, which can only be achieved with a carefully planned change process.


Digitisation – digital transformation – digital workplace


  • Put literally: conversion of analogue values into a digitally usable format
  • Share with other people for appropriate use and connect other systems
  • In companies: changes to all processes, from production to customer management



Digital Transformation

  • Ongoing process of change based on digital technology
  • Continuous development of new, better technology
  • For companies: constant, ever faster changes to processes



Digital Workplace

  • Refers to the day-to-day work of individual employees
  • Constant changes require people, ways of working and tools to be flexible
  • Data in the cloud, networked work, tools connected via interfaces


For companies, digitisation represents enormous potential, but also great challenges. Providing the infrastructure is one of them, but staff qualification is just as important.
Successful change

Driving change

The workplace of the future needs to be understood and embodied by your employees.

  • Communication: Fire your enthusiasm with the new possibilities and communicate the sense – before the first tools are rolled out.
  • Change: Live the change. Evangelists lead the way and convince their colleagues of new ways of working.
  • Enabling: Enable your employees to use the new applications. Only those who master a tool integrate it into the workflow.



Changes are not easy, but we have experience with them.<br/> Take advantage of our learning from other projects for your successful change.

Change Management

New work, new management, new learning

The digital workplace affects every aspect of day-to-day work. You should pay particular attention to three of them in your change process.


The new ways of working are networked, and indeed globally. The group of colleagues becomes a community that works independently of time and place on the same document and reaches decisions together.


Not only do managers have to act as role models for new approaches, they also have to rethink their role. Control and (decision-making) authority are given up and soft skills are becoming more important. Your own team is no longer sitting next door, but is spread all over the world.


Corporate learning must fit the new world of work. Digital, multilingual offers ensure a uniform level of knowledge. Mobile Learning addresses young target groups. Performance Support provides efficient help in the workflow.


Social Collaboration Management

The digital workplace promotes a new way of working and learning. With Know How! AG’s Guided Mastery Program for Social Collaboration Management you can take on different expert roles and control and develop your own collaboration platforms in a goal-oriented way.

Further information


Software solutions

Tools and use cases

The workplace of the future is about new ways of working, which need to be supported by demand-oriented software. We advise you on selecting the right provider and work with you to create use cases for your applications. You can also use our content pool for the two most common providers.



Microsoft offers more than just Office applications. Teams, Planner, SharePoint and other applications bring your employees into a networked, collaborative future.

Microsoft 365.




IBM Enterprise Social Solutions products include Connections (social network), Verse (e-mail client) and Sametime (communication tool).

IBM Enterprise Social Solutions products include Connections (social network), Verse (e-mail client) and Sametime (communication tool).



Digital Workplace

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Digital Workplace

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